Cake (2017)

Yolanda Bonnell, jamie robinson

(photo by Graham Isador.)

ash knight, tsholo khalema, jamie robinson

(Photo by Graham Isador)

“A man earns. However little, however nefariously, he earns.”

Oba is holding on to the last threads of his old life and is determined to maintain what he can by any means necessary. Cake is a story about the things we use, how we are used, and what happens when we are all used up. Inspired by events in Niger, the play is a stark and poetic musing on the nature of survival.

Director: Clare Preuss

Playwright: DM St. Bernard

Featuring: Jamie Robinson, Ash Knight, Yolanda Bonnell, Tsholo Khalema

Set Designer: Jackie Chau

Composer/Sound Designer: Maddie Bautista

Lighting Designer: Echo Zhou

Costume Designer: Elizabeth Traicus

Stage Manager: Heather Bellingham

Production Support: Pamela Gilmartin

This production was produced in association with Theatre Passe Muraille, made possible with support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, and our community of individual donors. We also extend gratitude to all of the public platforms through which this piece was developed, including SpringWorks Festival, Bayimba International Arts Festival, Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts.