Job's Wife (2009)

keith barker, falen johnson, jason o'brien, nicole joy fraser

falen johnson,keith barker, nicole joy fraser

Grace thought she wanted a child. Now she’s pregnant and not so sure. In desperation, she prays, and miraculously, her prayers are answered. But the god who answers her is not quite what she expected. For one thing, he’s Native…

Playwright: Yvette Nolan

Director: Donna-Michelle St. Bernard

Featuring: Keith Barker, Falen Johnson, Nicole Joy-Fraser and Jason O’Brien

Set and Costume Design: Isidra Cruz

Lighting Design: Michelle Ramsay

Sound Design: Jason O’Brien

Clown Consultant: Michaela Washburn

Movement: Pulga Muchochoma

Third Eye: Leah-Simone Bowen