Dark Love (2016)

(artwork by Stephen Jackman Torkoff)

“Your walls may be high and your windows barred but they will come.”

A workshop presentation exploring one community’s shared experience of resource distribution during a power outage. Versions presented at the 37th Rhubarb Festival (Toronto) and SpringWorks Festival (Stratford).

Workshop directors: Virgilia Griffith, Daniel Ellis, Leah Simone Bowen

Interpreters: Arlen Aguayo Stewart, Falen Johnson, Susan A. Lock, Chiamaka G. Ugwu

Illustrator: Stephen Jackman-Torkoff

Dramaturge: Gein Wong

Photographer: Tsholo Khalema

Text and sound design: Donna-Michelle St. Bernard

In developing this new interdisciplinary work, we are grateful for the support of NOW Magazine, lemonTree creations, Pamela Gilmartin, Shannon Lea Doyle, Michelle Ramsay, Nic Vincent, Mel Hague, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Factory Theatre, David Jansen, Andrea Donaldson.