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Translation is not a substitution of word for word, but an act of crafting meaning. Ebony Gooden shares insights from the process of translating a script from English to ASL, and how this differs from a Deaf-authored script.



Ebony R. Gooden is the only Black Deaf artist living in Calgary, Canada. She is an emerging artist, filmmaker and activist. She believes it is important to create a safe space for Black, Indigenous and racialized (BIR) Deaf artists in Calgary. She is currently working as the Marketing Coordinator for Inside Out Theatre and is a consultant for EDIA under the Calgary Arts Development (CADA). Her unique voice has intersectionality layers, which allows her to show hearing people what it is like to be Black and Deaf. To achieve that goal, she participated in the CSIF and Storyhive program, Community Stories, to create a short documentary. She is also being supported by Alberta Foundations of Art and Canada Council of Arts in her creation of a short animation called “Miscommunication in Our Language.”