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As a community, we have invested in structures to prevent, mitigate and confront harm. But there is a growing desire to move past punitive structures, toward abolition, amnesty, reconciliation. How can we address harm in the community without resorting to exile? Yvette Nolan and DM St. Bernard discuss with Nikki Shaffeeulah.



Nikki Shaffeeullah is a director, author, actress and animator in the fields of theatre, film and poetry. Previously, she was artistic director of the AMY Project, and editor-in-chief of alt.theatre magazine .

As a facilitator, Nikki Shaffeeullah helps associations manage the various collective processes in force and ensure that they respect the principles of equity and responsibility in all aspects of their activities. An award-winning theater and film artist, she collaborates with companies and artists across Canada, in addition to doing residencies with several organizations, such as the Canadian Stage Company, the Why Not Theatre, the Theater Center or SummerWorks. . She holds an MFA from the University of Alberta and participates in the Salzburg World Forum for Cultural Innovators. Nikki Shaffeeullah believes that art must shake up the status quo, embrace non-conformity, focus on the past, imagine the future and be universal.