workshop: accountability lab w/ nikki shaffeeulah

MAY 4 & 14, 2021 - 3PM EST

workshop: accountability lab w/ nikki shaffeeluah

“What’s It To Me?” The Accountability Lab @ Community Justice Forum

The Accountability Lab is an emergent space for identifying, growing, and valuing the skills we need to practice transformative justice, in our arts spaces and beyond. “What’s It To Me?” is a two-part session bookending the Community justice Forum. It will offer forum participants tools, prompts, and frameworks for thinking about how abolition and other big, urgent ideas apply to our own daily lives and how we relate to power, conflict, community, and change.

Download Bringing It Home: A Workbook to create you own journey of accountability alongside this workshop.


Nikki Shaffeeullah (she/her) is a theatre & film artist, facilitator, writer, equity worker, and community organizer. Her work has included serving as Artistic Director of The AMY Project; and Editor-in-Chief of cultural diversity and the stage. Nikki produces sector-change projects through her organization Undercurrent Creations, and is a founding member of Confluence Arts Collective, a group of artists-activists who believe in transformative justice and a world without prisons. A queer Indo-Caribbean settler born and living in Toronto, Nikki believes that art should disrupt the status quo, centre the margins, engage with the ancient, dream of the future, and be for everyone.