Unmanageable trailer

MAY 5, 2021 - 7PM EST


a short film by Lokchi Lam & Cara Fabre


Cara, a prison educator, learns that her mom Jo spent 2 years in a training school as a youth - a secret hidden in shame for 4 decades. Cara follows the impact of this experience on Jo into her own life, and into the lives and families of other survivors. Cara learns that the story of training schools is intimately entwined with the origins of child welfare and the social work profession, ultimately asking: What is behind our treatment of poor children in society?

learn more about the documentary and the history at www.unmanageabledoc.ca



Abigail Salole is a professor of sociology, and a community-based researcher who brings a passionate yet critical approach to equity and social justice to her classroom and community. Her mixed race, third culture identity has been formative in her understanding of helping work, social justice movements and critical theory.

A throughline for her academic and community work is a strong intersectional approach that honors lived experiences of marginalized voices and enhances access to supportive and affirming programs and services for all with an emphasis on young people, criminalized groups, LGBTQA+ communities and racialized people.