(Mis)Representations of Sex Work, Migration and Trafficking In the Arts

MAY 6, 2021 - 7PM EST


(Mis)Representations of Sex Work, Migration and Trafficking In the Arts

Sex work is real work--but when the sex workers in question are migrant women of colour, their work is typically conflated with human trafficking. In this workshop, activists Elene Lam and Chanelle Gallant will explore how artists can use representation to support migrant sex workers in their pursuit of safety, dignity and justice.

Check out the amazing digital installation on Butterfly's instagram



Elene Lam is a Founder and Executive Director of Butterfly (Asian and migrant sex workers support network). She has been involved in sex workers, labour, migrant , gender and racial justice movement for over 20 years. She is the PhD candidate at McMaster University.


Chanelle Gallant has been active in grassroots movements for sex workers rights and racial justice for 20 years as an organizer, writer, movement strategist, trainer, fundraiser and speaker. She and Elene co-founded the Migrant Sex Workers Project.

check out these videos, shared by Elene and Chanelle