team bios

warona setshwaelo

Warona Setshwaelo is a storyteller, mother and activist. Since moving to Tiohtià:ke 12 years ago, Warona has immersed herself in the theatre community, both locally and nationally. Apart from performing with several theatre companies in Montreal, such as Tessri Duniya, Repercussion Theatre, Geordie Theatre, Black Theatre Workshop, The Segal Centre, Tableau d'Hote and Scapegoat Carnivale she has performed in Toronto at the Tarragon Theatre as well as at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Company in Winnipeg and the Belfry in Victoria. Her credits also include Death Wish, The Disappearance, 19-2, Quantico, The Detectives, Fatal Vows as well as several video games including Assassin's Creed Origins, The District and John Clancy's Ghost Recon. She also sat on the board of ELAN (English Language Arts Network) 2015 - 2017, she is presently the co-coordinator of the Artist Mentorship Program at Black Theatre Workshop and Vice President of the board of the Quebec Drama Federation.

natasha "courage" bacchus

I am Natasha Cecily Bacchus. I am an athlete and performing artist, passionate about Deaf advocacy, fitness and physical expression. Throughout my life, I have nurtured my passion for fitness, competing as a professional athlete and securing medal positions in the Deaf Olympics, Pan Am Olympics and many other competitive sporting events. As an actress, I have participated in numerous theatre and film productions and have a strong desire to continue to grow and develop as a performing artist, expanding representation to include differently-abled persons and empowering Black Deaf women in Canada to shine on and off the stage.

heather bellingham

Heather has worked in stage management on 70+ shows throughout Canada and internationally, ranging from small-scale Fringe productions, to pieces in festivals such as World Pride and Panamania, to large scale shows at the Stratford Festival and for Mirvish​​. She has even stage managed a private performance for royalty.

See credits at heatherbellingham.wordpress.com

shanae sodhi

Shanae Sodhi is a graduate of Studio 58 where he was one of the establishing members and Head Organizer of the school's Student Diversity Committee, a student lead group working to strengthen marginalized groups within the theatre community by empowering students with the tools and knowledge to engage in the conversations of inclusivity around them. Shanae’s work is influenced by decolonization and intersectionality. He works as Rumble Theatre’s Associate Artistic Producer. Recent producing credits: Coyuntura 2020 (Canadian Latinx Theatre Artist Coallition), Selective Memory, Straight White Men (ITSAZOO Productions), and Mx (winner of 2019 Fringe New Play Prize and Cultchivating the Fringe Award).

Shanae joins our team thanks to generous support from the Arts Club's Bill Millerd Foundation.

lindsay anne black

Lindsay Anne has had a career as a production designer and theatre craftsperson, manager, technician, and arts educator. She has also at times been a dancer, media librarian, researcher, and (somehow) a mentor. She is currently a social media manager and consultant, apprentice music engraver, and low-key graphic artist. If she could spend her whole day learning new things, she would.

(Photo by Ann Baggley)

DM St. bernard

Donna-Michelle St. Bernard aka Belladonna the Blest is an emcee, playwright and agitator. She is artistic director of New Harlem Productions and creator of the 54ology.

(photo by Graham Isador)